Customized and personalized products are available with your favorite model(s) or images found in our galleries here. We also offer any of these products as part of our photography options to anyone interested in doing a photoshoot withBBR Photography.

Printed Products

Photo conversion to artistic rendition

Prices vary based on renditions and design. 



Photo editing to add a custom theme or idea, or to make images "safe" for facebook or other public social media Prices vary based on time spent. 

Photo editing services: Editing to fit all needs including sending us your photo from cell phones, printed image, or previous photoshoots. We will do any image sent to us and your anonymity and privacy will always be kept. We do not have content limitation as most editors do. Some images cannot be placed on social media as a photograph but CAN be placed as an art form such as sketch or painting. We have artists available to do original sketching and painting of any image you wish for social media, wall hangings, etc. 

Rates based on individual request

Photo Editing

Editing images for publication, personal portfolios, professional portfolios, photo restorations, etc. Rates start at $3.00 per image for simple glamour sets and can vary based on request.

Canvas Prints

prices vary based on size

Playing Cards


 Mouse pads 


Coffee Cups


Body Paint and Special Effects for events and Photography Projects