BBR Studio Services

​Image files in the members only access area are presized for easy download and compatibility to blogs, social media, or internet uploading.  Members only galleries are provided to models we have worked with OR clients wishing to purchase entire model gallery access, or have become art gallery members. Art gallery memberships are DONATION based only and details will be provided on request. 

 ALL IMAGES are copyrighted and purchase gives rights to use files but does NOT give rights to resell images or publish them as ownership by any party or entity other than BBR Services AND the individual portrayed. All images comply with ALL U.S. federals statues, but may not comply with some local or state ordinances. All models have signed written agreements for compensation based on image sales and have confirmed they are 18 years or older or have parental consent to distribute images. SOME IMAGES CONTAIN NUDITY: if you are offended in anyway with the human body, please do not view any image labeled in red. IN ORDER TO OBTAIN MEMBERSHIPS OR PASSWORDS TO ANY GALLERIES LINKED FROM OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PAGE, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY. 

BBR Studio Services is proud to offer a wide range of services including but not limited to

Event planning, professional photography services, model castings, event promotions, model consultations, portfolio building, set and prop building and rentals, hair and makeup artists, shoot security and permits, almost anything that is requested. If we cannot provide the service, we can refer you to a person or business that can. We have virtually no limitations and are not the typical conservative business. We understand that our clients have a wide range of needs, personal comfort levels and lifestyle choices. 

We have worked with many models and have acquired thousands of images over time and we have many models who have authorized us to sell prints, image files and shoot sets for them. Purchases can be done as prints or as jpeg digital file uploads, or jpeg digital files on flash drive. In our sales gallery will be several images that will show genre and art samples, model images or image sets that are for sale. Models receive royalties on all images sold.  We also provide model portfolios for all models that wish for us to place a gallery for them to link to and self promote as a part of our service to models that shoot with BBR Photographers.